BTCino - earn up to 5% daily
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About BTCino
BTCino offers a completely new way to invest your money in prominent markets.

To make profits, you do not need any professional knowledge.

This is done by the team BTCino for you. With the help of analysis and studies of markets, 3 perfect investment plans have been developed. BTCino is thus able to meet the needs to its members in every respect.
This means: consistent profits for an agreed period and a subsequent return on capital employed.

With BTCino is the new ambition of "Next Evolution of Economy Ltd." Corporation expressed - a company registered in the UK under the jurisdiction of "Companies House UK" with registration number 10053449. It is a company consisting of a team of dealers, customer service professionals, as well as programmers and IT security experts.
The investments made so far make it possible to offer now this new concept globally.

One of the common interests of investors is to mitigate the risk. BTCino therefore uses the money in different areas.

The two most powerful "weapons" are FOREX and poker bots.
Unique: the results of the poker bots are displayed in real time on the website!

BTCino employs a "state-of-art" algorithm, which is the brain behind the poker bots. The software works on expensive servers and is able to generate profits for the basic investment plan in a short time. FOREX simultaneously meets the needs of standard and premium plans ..

Are you willing to make money?

Register for free - earn up to 5% daily - Up to 5% referral commission.

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BTCino - Investment Plan
Minimum deposit of $ 10 - up to 5% profit per day - Payout seven times a week

BTCino - Minimum deposit of $ 10!

BTCino - Referral Program

For each new deposit of your recommended members BTCino offers a commission of 5%.

You get the referral commissions for new deposits, but also for the reinvestment of commissions and payouts. So you can earn thousands of dollars per month just by referring the BTCino concept.

BTCino - up to 5% profit per day

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BTCino - FAQ
Questions and answers BTCino

Who is "Next Evolution of Economy Limited"?
BTCino is part of N.E.O.E.Ltd. and is managed by Next Evolution of Economy Limited.
What happens once money is lost through the FOREX trading or through the Poker Bots?
Of course, it also leads to losses in this area. This is virtually the occupational hazard. However, the gains outweigh in total. The monthly balance should then be located in the green zone.
Can I use more than one account at BTCino?
No, only one account per member is allowed, unless you have permission from BTCino for multiple accounts. If you want to use more than one account, please contact the support of BTCino.
It will be paid to all investors and all commissions?
It will be paid to all investors and all commissions? All members, including the low-budget, are treated equally. Hundreds and soon thousands of payment records are posted in forums and blog posts. The daily posts on Facebook must be mentioned here as well.

Can I change my account password?
Yes, if you want, you can change your password at any time. Login to your account and click on "Profile". There you will find the option to change your password.
Can I change my email or my payment details after registration?
After completion of registration, you can not change even your email or specified payment information. To make such changes, please contact the Support. After confirming your identity, the changes are made.
Can I switch to another sponsor?
The sponsor is the one with the referral link you have registered with BTCino. To change the Sponsor, please call customer service. Please indicate the reason why you want to change the sponsor, as well as the correct user name of your new sponsor.

What is the minimum amount of money that I can cash out?
The minimum payout is $ 1.00.
Are there fees or any other expenses for the payment?
No, no charges from BTCino. There are only the fees of the Payment Prozesoren.
Can I withdraw my investment if the investment period of the packet has expired?
Yes, after the investment period, the money is returned to your account. You can reinvest it or cash out.
How can I support BTCino?
If you are satisfied with the performance of the company, you can help us by posting your withdrawal slip in social media and forums.
What is the maximum payout?
There is no limit to the payout.
Can I reinvest the money from my account balance again?
Yes, if you were satisfied with the services you can reinvest money from your account balance. However, the balance must be higher than $ 10. This is the minimum amount of deposit for investment plans.

Can I sign up if I do not have an e-currency account?
Yes, but for the deposits and withdrawals you need an e-currency account. Currently, the following e-currencies are accepted: PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, ADV-Cash, SolidTrust, Payza.
I'm concerned about my privacy, is my personal information secure?
Yes, we have a privacy policy. Your personal information is stored securely. No one outside of our company has access to your data.
Should I make a deposit directly after I register?
No one is obliged to make a deposit. Look around first. Invest only when you think of being able to improve your financial situation. Also remember that you can make money without making a deposit by recommending BTCino with your referral link.

Is BTCino safe from DDoS attacks?
Yes, there is the protection by "DDoS Guard". The dedicated server will be able to fend off even massive attacks and to guarantee the availability of the site.
Are the internal transactions within BTCINO sure?
Yes, EVSSL of Geotrust ensures that at BTCino the transaction are all safe.
My password is not working. Can you help?
Of course one can help you. First, you should know that your money is safe because we do not allow custom changes to payment processor information or email. You regain access to your account by using "forgot password" function or by creating a support ticket.
Is there a daily backup of the databases?
Yes, every 24 hours is performed a database backup. Through this process, there is no downtime. It is an automated process that does not impair the operation of the site.

Provides BTCino a Partnership commission?
Yes, if an investment is made by a customer recommended by you, you will receive a commission equal to 5% of that deposit. This also applies to any re-investments and investments from referral commissions of your referrals.
Is it possible to earn without making a deposit?
Yes, if you share your referral link with other people. If anyone registered with your link, you get a bonus in the amount of 5% of each deposit of this person. By participating in the reinvestments, you can generate a steadily growing income.
How can I inform other people on this amazing opportunity?
Within your account, you can find more marketing tools that you can use. You'll also find your own referral link.